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Vestax PF-100 SSF pitch fader

Vestax PF-100 SSF pitch fader

Original Japan pitch fader PF-100 SSF, for virtual RPM control / TEMPO. Designed for service replacement on the PCB board PF module for MIDI controllers VCI-100 Series / VCI-100MkII Series. Designed to mount on PF module PCB board.

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 Originální náhradní díly  Doporučeno využít autoriz.servis  Original Japan   ENGLISH DATASHEET 


The original pitch fader (SSF - separate slide fader) for basic speed / virtual speed control of the TEMPO deck is intended for Vestax MIDI controllers VCI series VCI-100 / VCI-100MkII. The SF pitch fader is designed without a PCB board and PCB connector because it is designed for direct power supply to the original motherboard. For this service version, it is necessary to desolder the original pitch fader from the motherboard of the CHANNEL section of the printed circuit and to power a new piece. It is supplied without dust velvet, which can be purchased separately, see the product marked Vestax V-COAT. Intended only for professional repair shops and authorized Vestax brand services. Notice to consumers: non-original plagiarism of these spare parts has appeared on the market, which are imitations of Vestax Professional Parts Japan and whose quality and durability are significantly many times lower. To avoid problems with your device, purchase only from authorized dealers or our Vestax service. 

infoidea Tip: if you are unsure, consult our customer technical support before purchasing. 



  • replacement original pitch fader, designed for Vestax VCI-100 / VCI-100MkII Series / MW-3000 mixers
  • version 100 designed for VCI-100 Series - PITCH regulation of the RPM / virtual deck speed TEMPO
  • version 100.02  for VCI-100MkII Series - PITCH regulation of the RPM / virtual deck speed TEMPO
  • version 100.03 designed for MW-3000 workstation mixers for section SOUND MODE
  • ureplacement by soldering on PCB motherboard, accurate compatibility
  • precise quality and top parameters of original faders by ALPHA™
  • each PF is tested and meets the manufacturer's requirements
  • options for upgrading factory-installed faders  



PDF soubor Table of general spare parts Vestax (349 kB)
PDF soubor Table of compatibility parts Vestax (1,85 MB)




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