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Vestax Pro-Cable 2R2P BULK

Vestax Pro-Cable 2R2P BULK

Original Japan stereo signal cable with state-of-the-art OFC technology (PCOCC wires) for high-quality audio transmission from world-leading cable japan manufacturer Oyaide Electronics Ltd.  for Vestax. The cable has a pair of Jack 6.3 and RCA connectors. Available in 3 or 5 meters.

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High-quality stereo signal cables that ensure reliable audio signal transmission are a key factor in the success of the audio chain and are often the weakest link. The aim of the manufacturer is to reduce quality degradation, to prevent electromagnetic noise (static noise) by the method of quality shielding. Real-time signal transmission is often an underestimated factor, especially in live applications (whether it's a concert, a club performance or studio work), but it can get awkward. Poor cable quality can cause the resulting sound to deteriorate or, in the worst case, produce such an unpopular "silence," and each of us will remember what happens when the music suddenly stops playing.  view full description »

Japanese manufacturer of Hi-Fi audio cables, Oyaide Electronics Ltd. designed and manufactures special stereo signal cables for Vestax. Thanks to them, the signal transmission between your audio devices will be significantly improved. The round structure and more durable cable construction ensure that transmission losses are minimized, eliminating unwanted impedance changes and the effects of static electricity on signal transmission. The double sheath of the cable shield helps to prevent interference from unwanted external influences.

Such a cable ensures trouble-free transmission of the audio signal and effectively protects the signal from the negative influence of electromagnetic waves generated from surrounding devices that may occur within range. It is designed to compensate for the electrical attenuation of the audio signal by changing the electrical conductivity while being impedance adaptive. The basis of the production technology is a material, high quality PCOCC (Pure Crystal Ohno Continuous Casting Process) conductors. The outer shell is made of a mixture of technical rubber and elastomer. The terminals of the Jack 6.3 and Chinch connectors are made of PBT, encapsulated as a single unit with the cable body for better cohesion and strength during handling. It is produced in lengths of 3 m and 5 m.



  • professional Japanese stereo signal cable 2R2P for quality Hi-end audio signal transmission 
  • state-of-the-art PCOCC technology of used wires (composition 7 x 0.18 mm, 19 x 0.18 mm) 
  • cable body composed of a PBT and rubber composition; Polyolefin insulator
  • double shielding of cable conductors; tinned wire knit, covered with aluminum tape 
  • eliminates transmission losses, unwanted impedance changes, due to static electricity 
  • perfectly protects the signal from the negative influence of electromagnetic waves 
  • cables equipped with Jack 6.3 and RCA connectors 
  • cable length 3 m or 5 m, BULK version 



Type Professional Cable 2R2P
Modification rounded cable, PCOCC conductors
Wire composition  7x 0,18 mm + 19x 0,18 mm
Isolation Polyolefin
Protect shield double, tinned wire, aluminum tape 
Bodz PBT and technical rubber 
Jacket Thermoplastic Elastomers
Connectors 2x TRS 6,3 / 2x RCA
Construction of CN PBT cover, aluminum body, gold-plated terminals 
Lenght 3 m / 5 m *
Weight 175 g / 245 g * (netto)




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