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Vestax PS-S power

Vestax PS-S power

Original Japan power switch high quality ALPS™ Japan factory assembled for service replacement on the PCB power supply board module. The PS-Sxx power switch is designed for the PMC-05, PMC-06, PMC-07, PMC-08Pro Series mixers; for PMC-280 and VMC Series mixers.

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Replacement original power switch Vestax / ALPS™ Japan for mixing consoles and some controllers. The PS-Snn type of power switch is designed, for example, for mixing consoles PMC-05Pro Series, PMC-06Pro Series, PMC-07Pro Series, PMC-08Pro Series, PMC-280 and VMC-002 / VMC-004 Series. The switch is not easy to replace by the user, it is strongly recommended to entrust its replacement to a professional authorized Vestax service or knowledgeable person. 

NOTICE: if you can't find a specific type of power switch for your Vestax device here, order in the special section Other spare parts » Vestax CSP Made Parts (choose variant CSPP); in the note of order you will then indicate the type of your Vestax device. 

infoidea Tip: if you are unsure, consult our customer technical support before purchasing.

infoideaUse only recommended original Vestax power switches. Use of others may damage the Vestax unit.



  • PS-S05 - power switch for  PMC-05Pro, PMC-05Pro II, PMC-05Pro III VCA, PMC-05Pro III DX / 05Pro III SL, PVC-175  PCV-180
  • PS-S06 - power switch for o PMC-06Pro A, PMC-06Pro VCA, PMC-06ProA VCA, PMC-06ProD, PMC-06T
  • PS-S08 - power switch for  PMC-08Pro WHT or  PMC-08Pro BLK
  • PS-S280 - power switch for  PMC-280, VMC-004 Series, VMC-002 Series, VMC-004XLu, VMC-002XLu
  • PS-S50A - power switch for  PMC-50A, PMC-55, PMC-27MkIIPro, PMC-270A,  PCV-275
  • PS-S170 - power switch for PMC-17A Series or  PMC-170A Series
  • PS-S250 - power switch for PMC-250 Series
  • PS-S500 - power switch for  PMC-500 Series
  • PS-SCCX - power switch for  PMC-CX Series
  • PS-MW3000 - power switch for MW-3000
  • PS-S25 power switch for PMC-25 Series
  • TOP quality made by ALPS™ Japan



PDF soubor Table of general spare parts Vestax (349 kB)
PDF soubor Table of compatibility parts Vestax (1,85 MB)




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  1. Vestax power switch S-05 (MICHAEL BERNARD, 3 Dec 2020 17:19:48) Reply

    is the Vestax power switch PS-S05 available? do you ship in the US, also how much is it in US dollars?

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