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Vestax slipmat ASTS

Vestax slipmat ASTS

Limited Edition! Stylish branded slipmat Vestax in themed graphic design ASTS. Durable top print, underside of slipmat is smoothed to ensure low slipmat friction on turntable plate. Vestax slips are supplied in individual packages.

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 Originální náhradní díly  Original Japan  picto_top-produkt.png  picto_last-piece-onstock.png   ENGLISH DATASHEET 


Limited Edition! Stylish branded Vestax slipmats in several themed original Japanese graphic designs. Slipmats are made of first-class synthetic high-density pressure-processed felt. Vestax slips are thin and smooth, reduce friction between the vinyl record and the turntable, minimize unwanted resistant noise, and provide more sensitive turntablism control. The underside of the slipmat is smoothed to ensure low friction of the slipmat on the turntable and to obtain the parameters required by the user of the slipmat. Vestax slipmats are printed (durable upper color multi-layer screen printing) with selected classic Japanese motifs: the legendary Japanese motif Samurai or Geyshia, futuristic motifs Zaza and Demon or motifs based on corporate design by Vestax. Vestax brand slips are supplied in individual packages, unless otherwise stated. 



  • slipmats made of first-class synthetic material with a long service life, Made in Japan
  • durable top color multilayer screen printing with Japanese motifs
  • reduce friction between the vinyl record and the turntable
  • minimize unwanted resistant noise
  • provide more sensitive control
  • exclusive limited edition



Material synthetic, high-density pressure-treated felt  density 0,65g/cm³
Print 3L screen printing - Japanese ASTS motif 
Dimension ø292 x TH.2 mm
Weight 42 g (btto)
Package 1 pc




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