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Vestax Spin (d)

Vestax Spin (d)

MIDI controller was specialy developed for Apple iOS users. Dual channel USB MIDI controller with integrated sound card is designed for Apple iOS products Mac, iPhone, iPad, iPod touch. Supplied with Algoriddim djay 3.0 for Mac software.

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Vestax has been developing professional DJ technology for over 25 years, delivering a simple and effective solution specifically for Apple MAC computer users. Vestax Spin is a very compact mobile device with which you can showcase a great DJ set whether at your private garden party or maybe at a larger music club. Combined with the excellent MAC computers for which Vestax Spin has been specially designed, you get a powerful tool for your DJ music production. view full description »

Vestax Spin is a dual channel USB MIDI controller with integrated sound card. Spin has precise JOG wheels, which at first glance are attractive due to a suitable combination of industrial plastic and noble metal. Surgical precision in the Vestax Spin mixing process is also due to a pair of rotary potentiometers located on the rear panel of the instrument that adjust the sensitivity of the sensors of each JOG wheel, as we know from higher Vestax VCI controller models. Each channel has an input level sensitivity (GAIN) setting and an equalizer in the form of three-band corrections, which (like some Vestax mixers) are solved by linear faders. Thanks to this design it is possible to adjust the frequency curve more easily and readily. There are also buttons for creating audio loops (LOOP) and buttons for instant synchronization according to the tempo of the song. The controller also has auto-BPM detection and auto-sync track speed. It features a REC button that you can press to save your mixtape in real time. There are navigation buttons (cross cursor and Shift key) between the individual channel controls, which make the connected computer as simple as possible, scroll through the playlists and select individual tracks for the selected channels. To connect the microphone (which is in homerecording = goose neck stand even included) is on the front of the controller TRS 6.3 connector. The same type of connector is also used to connect DJ headphones. The MASTER output is connected to the rear panel in the form of RCA connectors, which also has a USB port and an input for connecting an external power supply.

Included is djay 3.0 djay software with license key from Algoriddim labs. Thanks to this, Vestax Spin easily integrates with iTunes ™ libraries on your MAC computer. Djay 3.0 software includes automatic BPM and tempo detection, convenient sync of songs with Automix, automatic track level comparison, real-time mixtape recording for podcast at the touch of a controller, assigning audio effects such as speed change, reverse pitch-shifting echo reverb flanger. The software also enables clear visualization of CUE points when creating loops.



  • USB MIDI controller developed for Apple MAC platform (OS X v10.4 and higher)
  • basic elements to control DJ software functions directly on the controller
  • input signal control and three-band equalizer in the form of linear faders
  • JOG wheels with precise running and sensitivity level control
  • Easy synchronization of djay 3.0 with iTunes ™ libraries
  • included with djay 3.0 software with license key
  • microphone with gooseneck stand included
  • low weight, convenient transport



Inputs 1x MIC (TRS 6,3)
Outputs 1x MASTER unbalanced stereo (RCA)
Interface USB
Power supply DC 5 V (500 mA) / adaptor SDC-7 / USB
Software djay3.0 Algoriddim
Dimension 354 x 240 x 35 mm
Weight 1,5 kg
Accessories USB cable, install CD-ROM (software djay3.0 Algoriddim), reduction TRS 6,3→3,5



Operation system Mac OS X 10.6+ not for Windows
Procesor Intel CPU
USB port 1.0 (ne USB HUB)
Other CD-ROM drive
These are the minimum requirements for a computer connected to the device described. For best results and professional use, the manufacturer always recommends using a higher computer specification than shown here.



  version iOS equipment*
iPad iPad, iPad 2, iPad with Retina
iPhone iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5
iPad touch iPad touch 4, iPad touch 5
iOS iOS 4.2 or higher
Ostatní iOS 6 or higher recommended for multichannel stereo output
*) Due to the ongoing improvements in Vestax Spin hardware for iOS, iOS device compatibility may gradually increase.



USER MANUALVestax SPIN - user manual






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