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Vestax Split Adaptor YO BULK

Vestax Split Adaptor YO BULK

The Vestax Original Split Adapter YO is an analogue split cable with two RCA connectors at one end and a FEMALE Jack FEMALE 6.35 mm jack and the other end with a single 6.35 mm STEREO jack. The cable is designed to connect two devices to a single audio output source.

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Vestax Split Adapter YO will solve your problem if you have a single audio output and you needed to connect more devices to it, such as speakers or headphones. To solve this problem, use a splitter analog audio cable with two RCA connectors on one end and a 6.35 mm MONO Jack FEMALE connector and a single 6.35 mm STEREO Jack connector on the other end. The cable is designed to connect two audio processing devices to a single source with only one audio output. A typical example of use is MIDI controllers, where you need to monitor the audio signal in addition to headphones using active speakers. The accessories also include a metal headphone adapter Jack 6.35 mm MALE / Jack 3.5 mm FEMALE. 



  • state-of-the-art High Pure OFC technology of used conductors (conductors made of high-purity oxygen-free copper) 
  • mounting 2x RCA (Cinch) 1x TRS 6,35 (Jack STEREO 6,35mm) 1x TR F 6,35 (MONO female) 
  • cable body composed of a PBT composition and 30% glass fiber; Polyolefin insulator 
  • accessories headphone reduction Jack 6.35 mm MALE / Jack 3.5 mm FEMALE 
  • split cable length 0.2m, BULK version (for service) 



Type of cable Hi-Tech Audio Pure Fidelity
Modification rounded, PCOCC cond.
Wire composition  3x 1,2 mm
Isolation Polyolefin
Shielding  braiding with copper conductor 
Body PBT a 30% proportion of glass fiber 
Jacket Thermoplastic Elastomers
Connectors 1x TRS 6,35 / 1x TR F 6,35 / 2x RCA
Lenght 0,2 m
Weight 16 g (netto)




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