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Vestax SRF-309G KIT

Vestax SRF-309G KIT

Original Japan single separate rotary faders (SRF) high quality ALPS™ for replaceable for professional KITs units with rotating channel faders and PCB with connector without top desk panel; designed  for service replace unit KITs for mixers Vestax PMC-25 / PMC-27 / PMC-27MK2 / PMC-270A / PCV-275 / PMC-17A  / PMC-170A.

Code: 02142BALPS20KAX2
€ 89.00
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    náhradní díly  Doporučeno využít autoriz.servis  Original Japan   ENGLISH DATASHEET 


Original replacement ALPS™ single separate rotary faders with PCB board and JST/MOLEX DPS connectors designed prefably for KITs with rotary faders for mixers PMC-25 / PMC-27 / PMC-27MK2 / PMC-270A / PCV-275 / PMC-17A  / PMC-170A Series. This part also serves for specialized services to replacement rotating faders in the the Vestax 4-channel DF-50 KIT. SRF type rotary fader are not supplied as assembled KIT, supplied without top cover panel¹ and rotary knob². They are designed for service center or  experienced users. They are suitable for some characters and styles of music mixing.

N O T E:  ¹) Top cover panels can be also custom ordered - this is handmade small limited series production. ²) Original rotary DF knob can be ordered separately, you must go to the "Knobs and Buttons" section.

infoidea Tip: If you're not sure about the right choice, consult our customer support before your purchasing.



  • replacement special single separate rotary fader, designed for KITs DF-25, DF-17, (also for older type DF-170, DF-175)
  • fader replacement for mixers Vestax PMC-25 / PMC-27 / PMC-27MK2 / PMC-270A / PMC-17A  / PMC-170A / PCV-275
  • for specialized service to replacement rotating faders in the  the Vestax 4-channel DF-50 KIT
  • precise quality and top performance of Vestax ALPS™ JAPAN brand professional faders
  • serves as a replacement for the rotary faders fitted to the mixers listed above
  • user replacement with built-in MOLEX / JST connectors on PCB mainboard
  • this is stricly limited handmade custom original series 2020
  • package contains 1 pc of KIT (for 1 channel)



Type 309G ALPS Japan 20KAX2 (2020 ord.nr.)
Specification complete ALPS Japan rotary fader with PCB board and MOLEX/JST connector assy.
Use Vestax 1-channel KIT DF-17 or DF-25 for mixer PMC-25 / PMC-27 / PMC-27MK2 / PMC-270A / PMC-17A  / PMC-170A / PCV-275 Series
Vestax 4-channel KIT DF-50 for mixer PMC-50 or PMC-55 Series
Design ALPS™ Japan
Connection JST/MOLEX connector (variant C only)
Dimension 36 x 36 x 28 mm without PCB board
Weight 0,12 g (btto)
Accessories instructions for soldering / for connection



PDF soubor Tables of original spare parts & accessories Vestax (349 kB)
PDF soubor Tables compatibility CF, IF, PF, RF Vestax (1,85 MB)




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Comments - Overview

  1. Df 25 (Bossu, 23 May 2020 10:07:19) Reply | Show replies

    Hello. I own a japan pmc 25. I found the kit df 25 but the faceplates or faceplate of the faders are very worn. so I'm looking for these pieces that you say are custom made. I would also be interested in the complete kit without the knob. waiting for your reply. I am in France.

    1. Re: Df 25 (Vestax ADMIN, 23 May 2020 12:23:31) Reply

      Hello. Top cover panel (TCP) is in available in BLK or SLV; but you need TCP in GLD (shade of champagne color like mixer). Custom production this top cover panel (only 1 pc) costs 39 €. Assembled complete KIT (without knob) is 49,90 + 39,00 €.

  2. Vestax srf 309g (Márcio Paluma, 3 Feb 2022 18:27:25) Reply | Show replies

    This pot comes with 2 units (channel 1 and 2) to replace my pmc-25? or this value is unity price?

    How much cost
    freight to fortaleza/ce (brazil)? my cep: 60170-210.

    1. Re: Vestax srf 309g (Vestax ADMIN, 4 Feb 2022 13:33:16) Reply

      Hello. Price is listed for 1 pc (1 channel). To BR shipping cost from 34-39$ (depends on the chosen mode of transport).

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