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Vestax TGL

Vestax TGL

The TGL "Targetlight" LED lamp with RCA type socket is designed for all Vestax PDX turntables. The brilliant white light of the LED lamp ensures the perfect lighting of the turntable on the Vestax turntable plate, where the turntable meets the stylus.

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 Originální náhradní díly  Snadná montáž  Original Japan     ENGLISH DATASHEET 


For Vestax turntables Controller ONE, PDX-3000 30th Series or VRX-2000 there was designed a special high-class GLOW premium lamp with a connector base in the form of a standard RCA type audio connectors. Used for high-quality warm illumination of the turntable workspace, especially where the stylus of the pickup meets LP vinyl. The lamp body is full metal chrome. It is fitted with one 2W GLOW circular emitting element. Luxurious warm light with optimum color temperature (3000 °K) guarantees the user the perfect illumination of the LP vinyl on the Vestax turntable plate and it gives you a perfect overview and orientation (what happens at the point of contact stylus of the pickup with the LP vinyl). Through to the connector base, which is designed on RCA type audio connectors, it is very easy to remove GLOW lamp. TGL-P has also universal use for all Vestax turntables PDX-2000 / PDX-3000 Series.

infoideaUse only original Vestax LED lamps. Otherwise, it may damage the circuitry turntable.



  • original Japan LED lamp with connection base in the form of a standard RCA connector
  • universal use for all PDX-2000 and PDX-3000 Series turntables or Controller ONE
  • warm emiting color temperature 4.000 °K
  • strictly power voltage DC 12 V / 25 mA
  • easy assembly and disassembly
  • ABS black colour body



Slot RCA connector
Housing ABS black colour body
Optic.element 1x LED circular emitting 2 W
Chromaticity 4.000° K
Power voltage 12 V
Supply current 25 mA = (direct current)
Dimension ø 9 x 41 mm
Weight 10 g (netto)




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