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Basic Vestax factory assembled PCB models PDX-2000 / PDX-3000 turntable electronics, including several processors, equipped with Ultra Pitch Fader control, big LED display and LED indicators and Quartz Lock / Reverse buttons with Speed Adjustment Start / Break rotary faders controll.

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Basic mounted PCB board for control electronics of Vestax turntables of the PDX-2000 / PDX-3000 series, equipped with Ultra Pitch Fader control, LED indicators and Quartz Lock / Reverse buttons and Speed ​​Adjustment Start / Break rotary faders. MB-2000 PU01 is factory equipped with main processor HD6433047 and auxiliary processors A1098J, the board has a 45mm ultrapitch fader with a range of ± 50%, two rotating faders for electronic motor torque control and torque adjustment of the electric turntable turntable and two low-lift buttons MICRO type for reversing motor control with LED indication and constant speed locking (Quartz Lock) with LED indication. The connection board is equipped with DPA / PHOENIX connectors for easy connection with other components of the turntable electronics. A PCB board with a pull-up 100 mm linear pitch fader ± 10% can be purchased separately (not included in the delivery!). Warning: if you are unsure, have the control electronics of your turntable replaced by a specialist garage. 

infoidea Tip: if you are unsure, consult our customer technical support before purchasing. 




  • various modifications of the motherboards of electronics for individual types of Vestax PDX Series turntables 
  • WG462S101xx PU01 - original motherboard / control electronics for Vestax PDX-2000 Series
  • WG12AZ101xx PU01 - original motherboard / control electronics for Vestax PDX-2300 Series
  • WG22AZ101xx PU01 - original motherboard / control electronics for Vestax PDX-3000 Series
  • motherboards are completely equipped with DPA / JST / MOLEX / PHOENIX connectors 
  • contain control electronics with processors, Ultra Pitch Fader, 2x rotary faders, 2x switch 
  • compatible with Vestax turntables PDX series 2000 and PDX series 3000 
  • NOTICE: motherboard is not user easy replaceable hardware KIT



Specification 1 motherboard / control electronics for PDX-2000 Series
Specification 2 motherboard / control electronics for PDX-2300 Series
Specification 3 motherboard / control electronics for PDX-3000 Series
Control elements 1 START - engine torque / acceleration speed
Control elements 2 BREAK - setting the torque of the electric brake 
Control elements 3 REVERSE - switches to reverse speed (neg. RPM)
Control elements 4 QUARTZ LOCK - locking constant RPM
Ultrapitch ±50%
Power internal via PSU PDX-2000 / 3000
Connectors 8x mounting DPA / JST / MOLEX / PHOENIX
Dimension 124 x 138 x 26 mm
Weight 280 g netto (approx.)



PDF soubor Vestax TMB-2000 - control electronics manual (483 kB)




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