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Vestax VCI-380 RED (r)

Vestax VCI-380 RED (r)

Professional two channel DJ controller with integrated high-end sound card, providing high-quality audio thanks to state-of-the-art 24bit / 48kHz AD / DA converters and USB Streaming System audio circuits with built-in digital mixing console. Limited RED edition. B-Stock refurbished.

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The Vestax VCI-380 RED is a limited edition two-channel USB MIDI controller with a built-in digital mixer, a powerful and creative platform that opens up unlimited digital djing possibilities. Of course, it has all the standard functions known from other models of the Vestax VCI series. It is equipped with two switchable stereo unbalanced PHONO/LINE inputs, two microphone inputs with level control and two new 5⅓ inch JOG wheels with sensitive high-resolution sensors, where it is possible to change the sensitivity and regulate the mechanical resistance of the JOGs (stimulating torque as in turntable motor) and an optical LED indication of the position of the so-called virtual turntable on an imaginary turntable. Each of the input channels has its own setting of signal levels at the inputs and three-band frequency correction via rotary faders. With the PC/MIXER switch, you can choose to which channel you assign the connected computer and to which you assign the signal source from an external device (turntable, CD player, etc.); thereby using the built-in digital mixer. view full description »

The integrated sound card in the Vestax VCI-380 RED controller has brand new revolutionary AD/DA converters 24bit/48kHz with technology taken from professional sound studios, the so-called USB Streaming System™. This advanced sound system combines a Dual Core CPU with carefully selected analog components of the built-in sound card. USB Streaming System™ provides extremely low latency, top quality audio signal and maximum level on the controller's balanced XLR outputs or on the USB interface. Two hybrid channels are able to mix the signal from external devices such as CD players, record players, but of course also MP3 players or other digital peripherals.

The VCI-380 RED is equipped with two rows of eight PAD low-travel illuminated buttons with the ability to assign creative functions Slicer, Roll, Sampler, Loop, Hot Cue and Pad FX. These functions can be run together as needed. Vestax VCI-380 RED is equipped with two special touch strips for intuitive control of PAD parameters. Simply put, you slide your finger over the touch surface of the sensor (as you are used to from touch-sensitive mobile phones). The Slicer button has two distinct operating modes. Upon activation, it immediately creates a loop where the timeline is divided into eight periods. Another essential parameter for Slicer is quantization (when the default value is 1 beat, holding down the Shift key and moving the touch strip will always play sequences at twice the speed). The Auto Loop feature creates and maps eight loops of varying lengths from 1/32 to 32 beats to the PADs. The Loop Roll function is reserved for creating very short loops. Saved Loop Mode assigns the PAD buttons the parameter "saving to eight memory locations" on the ID3 tag as well. And finally, you have the Sampler Mode feature, which controls the SP-6 Serato ITCH software sampler and its banks.

The VCI-380 RED is equipped with two rows of eight PAD low-travel illuminated buttons with the ability to assign creative functions Slicer, Roll, Sampler, Loop, Hot Cue and Pad FX. These functions can be run together as needed. The Vestax VCI-380 RED is equipped with two special touch strips for intuitive Each channel of the built-in digital mixer is equipped with a three-band equalizer and in addition FX potentiometers, with which you select useful functions such as Hi-pass filters. Anyone with nimble fingers will definitely be able to handle the PAD FX function perfectly. It creates amazing combinations of music, but that's unnecessary to describe, you just have to try it best with your own fingers! The VCI-380 has a crossfader with an adjustable sweep curve, and the input faders also have sweep curve settings. Additionally, the crossfader is user replaceable; the controller can be fitted with a contactless digital crossfader CF-X2. The Vestax VCI-380 RED was designed in collaboration with Serato Audio Research laboratories for Serato ITCH™ software. A free upgrade to the new Serato DJ software is now also available, allowing you to use the full version of Serato DJ (v 1.2).

infoidea Tip: this product is refurbished and after service inspection with standard warranty.

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  • 2-channel MIDI controller with integrated digital mixing console Vestax with USB streaming system™ 
  • built-in sound card with extra low latency, AD/DA 24bit/48kHz converters
  • 5⅓ inch JOG sensors with LED indication of location of the virtual needle
  • adjustment of the sensitivity and mechanical resistance of booth JOGs
  • 2 x 8 PAD backlit buttons including Velocity and Aftertouch controls
  • 5 performance modes (Hot Cue, Loop Auto, Slicer, Roll, Sampler)
  • 2 Ribbon (touch strips) for intuitive control of PAD parameters
  • 2-channel stand-alone audio mixer with Phono/Line input
  • 2 microphone inputs (balanced)  with volume level control
  • Hi-pass filter, TRIM and 3-band EQ on stand-alone mixer 
  • possibility of mounted by 19" rack (with spec. KIT)
  • compatible with digital crossfader CF-X2
  • designed for Serato ITCH™ / Serato DJ
  • robust metal body construction
  • premium limited RED edition
  • B-Stock / refurbished



Inputs 2x LINE stereo (RCA)
2x PHONO [RIAA] stereo (RCA)
2x MIC balanced (TRS 6,3 + XLR)
Outputs 1x MASTER balanced stereo (XLR)
1x BOOTH unbalanced stereo (RCA)
1x HEADPHONES stereo (TRS 6,3) 47 Ohms
Interface USB 2.0 B type connector
Power Supply 7,5 V (1000 mA) / adaptor SDC-7 / USB
Software Serato ITCH™, free upgrade Serato DJ (full ver.)
Dimensions 427 x 304 x 60 mm
Weight 3,5 kg (netto)
Accessories external power supply SDC-7, USB cable, install CD-ROM (software Serato ITCH v.2)



Operating System Mac OS X 10.6+ Win7 (SP1, 32bit / 64bit)
Processor Intel Core Duo 1,66GHz Intel Core Duo 1,8GHz
USB port 2.0 2.0
Other CD-ROM drive CD-ROM drive
Note does not support Intel Celeron, ATOM and AMD processors
These are the minimum requirements for a computer connected to the device described. For best results and for professional use, the manufacturer always recommends using a higher computer specification than listed here.



USER MANUALVestax VCI-380 RED - user manual






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