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Vestax VK-2300 PRO KIT

Vestax VK-2300 PRO KIT

Original Japan premium hardware KIT, designed to upgrade Vestax PDX-2000 Series to best version, incl. sophisticated RPM control, big LED display, 4D Joystick (just like PDX-2300ProMkII Series). KIT includes four factory basic parts with mounting accessories to upgrade your old PDX-2000 turntable.

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€ 219.00
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 Original Japan  Originální náhradní díly  Limited  EXCLUSIVE SALE  
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The Vestax VK-2300 Pro KIT mounting hardware is designed to upgrade the Vestax PDX-2000 Series turntable controls to a more modern version, featuring better controls, than the legendary Vestax PDX-2300 Series turntables. Enhanced pitch control, fast and accurate beat matching adjustment with a 100mm ± 10% fine pitch fader. Ultra pitch control with a ± 50% control fader. Combined the total amount you can adjust the pitch by is a huge ± 60% pitch. Furthermore, with the pitch bend joystick, you can quickly push or pull the pitch for smooth mixers or dynamic effects. Digital Pitch Display large format showing the current pitch setting, allows you to accurately set the pitch or when needed to, make adjustments perfectly.

The Vestax VK-2300 Pro KIT includes four basic parts to upgrade your PDX-2000 Series turntable. The VK-2300 Pro KIT  includes a PCB motherboard incl. several Japanese CPU´s  with control electronics that features a 4-D joystick (Pitch Bend & Ultra Shift) to promptly correct pitch settings in steps of ± 1%, ± 2%, ± 3%, ± 6%, or instantly ± 50 %. There is also a 45mm ± 50% ultrapitch fader and two rotating soft faders with electronic engine torque control and turntable torque adjustment, as well as an engine reverse button with LED indication. In addition, the KIT contains big alphanumeric three-digit LED display, which indicates the instantaneous pitch value with the accuracy of one decimal place or the selected turntable turntable. Another part is a single PCB plate fitted a 100mm linear pitch fader ALPHA™ with range ± 10% RPM. Together, pitch control can be adjusted to ± 60% RPM. The VK-2300 Pro KIT also features an original silver-coated printed panel with holes for tension faders (fitted with anti-dust screens) rotary potentiometers and joystick Pitch Bend. The opening for the LED display is fitted with a protective acrylic red glass.

infoidea Notice: If you are unsure, consult our customer support before purchasing.




  • HW KIT designed to upgrade Vestax PDX-2000 Series turntable controls to a more modern version of the PDX-2300 Series
  • contains four PCB motherboards with electronics, pull pitch faders, swivel faders and 4-D joystick
  • alphanumeric three-digit LED display showing the current pitch value of RPM or selected speed
  • 4-D joystick (Pitch Bend & Ultra Shift) to correct pitch control ± 1% to ± 6%
  • 100mm linear pull pitch fader ± 10% / 45mm ultrapitch fader ± 50%
  • overall pitch control level change RPM up to ± 60%
  • compatible with all Vestax PDX 2000 Series
  • contains detailed assembly instructions



Specification HW KIT for assembly to PDX-2000 Series (viz assy.manual)
Regulation 1 engine torque / acceleration speed
Regulation 2 setting point shot torque electric brakes
Pitch ±10% / fader 100 mm
Ultrapitch ±50% / fader 45 mm
Pitch Bend / Ultra Shift steps  ±1% / ±2% / ±3% / ±6%
Controll Pitch Bend / Ultra Shift 4D joystick
Power internal by power source of PDX-2000
Connectors integrated Phoenix / JTS / P2
Dimension 124 x 138 x 26 mm
Weight 320 g



PDF soubor Vestax VK-2300Pro KIT - primary user manual (1,70 MB)
PDF soubor Vestax VK-2300Pro KIT - assembly brochure (100 kB)






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Comments - Overview

  1. MONTÁŽ (Radek, 20 Sep 2014 13:46:30) Reply | Show replies

    DObrý den, mám gramofony PDX-2000, chci je přestavět s tímhle modulem. Zvládne tu montáž i lajk nebo se to musí nechat předělat v servise? Díky.

    1. Re: MONTÁŽ (ADMIN, 31 May 2017 01:07:37) Reply

      Montáž kitu VK-2300 zvládne i mírně zkušený odborník, pokud bude postupovat přesně podle přiloženého návodu. Samozřejmě je možnost nechat si upgrade gramofonu provést v našem odborném servisu.

  2. Vestax 2300 kit (Gabriel Rodriguez, 28 Feb 2019 01:15:52) Reply | Show replies

    Hello, interested in this kit and wanted to know if you ship to the U.S.? If yes what's total cost in U.S. dollars for 2 kits? Thank you

    1. Re: Vestax 2300 kit (Vestax ADMIN, 3 Mar 2019 12:10:42) Reply

      Hello, yes, we shipping Vestax parts to the USA, detail info pls. visit https://www.vestax.net/inpage/shopping-guide/ So, to USA this kits (2pcs) small packet economy cost 20 USD.

  3. Mr (Michael, 20 Nov 2019 20:48:35) Reply | Show replies

    Hi there will this kit fit PDX 2000 MK2


    1. Re: Mr (Vestax ADMIN, 23 Nov 2019 19:25:17) Reply

      Hello. Of course, it is compatible with PDX 2000 MK2.

  4. Vestax VK-2300 PRO KIT (Scott, 5 Feb 2020 15:44:59) Reply | Show replies

    Are these available in black?

    1. Re: Vestax VK-2300 PRO KIT (ADMIN Vestax, 29 Feb 2020 07:19:00) Reply

      Hello, this part made in silver design, no black.

  5. PDX-3000? (Waxsmith, 26 Feb 2020 02:31:31) Reply | Show replies

    Is this kit compatible with the PDX-3000?

    1. Re: PDX-3000? (ADMIN Vestax, 29 Feb 2020 07:25:09) Reply

      Hello, this kit is primary designed for user friendly upgrade older models PDX-2000 Series. For PDX-3000 more complex adjustments are required in the case of replacement; we recommend to entrust experts.

  6. VK2300 kit and Diodes on early PDX-2000s? (DaffytheLoon, 8 Jun 2021 15:52:56) Reply | Show replies

    Hello, bit of a technical question: I have a PDX-2000 (mk1) that I want to install the VK-2300 upgrade kit on. Instructions say to add diodes and replace resistors. Are the diodes the same as those in the early serial number 2000 mk1s? I want to add this upgrade AND do the Anti-Vibration/rumble mod which involves removing the same diodes. So, if I will be doing both mods, should I keep the original diodes in place and just swap out the resistors for the 470ohm ones? Or are the diodes in the VK-2300 upgrade different diodes? Thanks.

    1. Re: VK2300 kit and Diodes on early PDX-2000s? (VESTAX admin, 17 Jun 2021 20:27:00) Reply

      Hello, answer we send to your rnail.

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