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Vestax VK-400TR SET FP (d)

Vestax VK-400TR SET FP (d)

Original premium SET FP (faceplate) in two variants: Full or Lite; for upgrade VCI-400 to VCI-400TR. Contains high quality dural-aluminium composite alloys faceplatte FP-TR and pair of  JOG Platter for controll wheels. Next added optional items (variant Full) is 4 pcs  silver aluminium knobs KN DF-500. This SET is without firmware/software. For all who prefer software NI Traktor with Vestax VCI-400 MIDI controllers.

€ 89.10 € 99.00
Availability: sold out 2 pc

 Original Japan  Originální náhradní díly  Exclusive Premium Product  NEW   ENGLISH DATASHEET 


Original Japan SET FP (faceplate) in two variants: FULL or LITE; upgrade for all who prefer software Native Instruments™ Traktor with Vestax VCI-400 MIDI controllers. SET contains high quality Vestax faceplate TR made of dural-aluminium composite alloys, with printed control marks for Traktor SW, JOG Platters (pair) for exchange standard factory JOG Platters (assy. JOG Wheels - made of special acrylic glass). Next added optional item, that you can order (variant FULL) is four silver aluminium knobs - model KN DF.500 FXS by Hitachi Ltd. Two pitch faders grooves V-COAT soft velvet dust cover are factory fitted.



  • premium original Japan Vestax VK-400TR KIT for smart upgrade MIDI controllers VCI-400 to VCI-400 TR
  • contains high quality Vestax FP faceplate TRAKTOR, made of dural-aluminium composite alloys
  • 2 pcs JOG Platters, made of polished aluminum, for exchange standard factory JOG wheels (variant FULL)
  • 4 pcs ALU knobs Hitachi KN DF-500 FXS (variant FULL)
  • factory assembly on FP two pitch fader V-COAT soft velvet dust cover



Material dural-aluminium composite alloys, surface finish elox and offset printing
Design Vestax VCI-400 TR Limited Edition
Mounting elements are not needed
Dimension FP 420 x 280 x TKS 2,5 mm
Dimension JP in ø38 / out ø114 mm x TKS 1,1 mm
Weight 290 g (complete KIT)



PDF soubor Vestax JOG PLATTER SD - manuál




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  1. Vestax 400 Faceplate (Willie, 4 May 2024 20:51:00) Reply | Show replies

    Greetings, is the full faceplate Set available for order? Thank you in advance. Willie

    1. Re: Vestax 400 Faceplate (Vestax ADMIN, 6 May 2024 17:14:29) Reply

      Hello. Yes, it is a complete KIT for replacement. Unfortunately, this part is sold out and will not be in stock again. Self-adhesive VCI-400 FP OVERLAY (foils) for SW Traktor are still on sale.

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