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Vestax VR-07Pro slide SSF

Vestax VR-07Pro slide SSF

Original short slide faders SSF for professional mixers PMC-007, PMC-07Pro, PMC-07ProD and PMC-07ProISP designed for various section EQ/ISO, PGM, VFX, Balance or Monitor Level. Atypical non-standard services replaceable part, requires professional competence.

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 Original Japan  Originální náhradní díly  Parts from Service Vestax     ENGLISH DATASHEET 


Original Parts Vestax Japan, atypical single slide fader (SSF) non-standard services replaceable for PMC-07Pro Series mixers all version: PMC-007, PMC-07Pro, PMC-07ProD PMC-07ProISP. The manufacturer strongly cautions: installation of such a non-standard services replaceable parts requires professional competence.

infoideaCaution: use only genuine original Vestax spare parts. Otherwise, the device may be permanently damaged!

infoideaNotice: installation of such a non-standard services replaceable parts requires professional competence!



  • VR slide SSF fader for CF MONITOR (select PGM to monitoring) and MONITOR LEVEL (adj. volume headphones)
  • VR slide SSF fader for EQ (3-band EQ select Lo, Mid, Hi), RTN.EQ (effect return EQ select Lo, Hi) and MASTER
  • VR slide SSF fader for section PMC-07ProD are fully compatable with parts for the same section PMC-07Pro
  • original Vestax Japan parts - genuine replaceable spare part of Vestax products for specialized Services
  • atypical or non-standard services replaceable parts, ordered bespoke, directly for specialized Services
  • for individually spare parts specifications choice the desired part select VARIANTS option above
  • top quality and guaranteed full compatibility all original spare parts Vestax Made in Japan



PDF soubor Vestax Power Supply Unit - manual (533 kB)
PDF soubor General table of Spare parts Vestax (349 kB)
PDF soubor Table of Compatibility CF, IF, RF, PSU Vestax (1,85 MB)




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