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VAI-80 TANK (manual)

Vestax VAI-80 (TANK)USB sound card, stylish and elegant digital sound interface, enabling multi-channel playback and recording. It was nicknamed "TANK" for its unconventional design and durable construction. It is an excellent instrument with high sound quality for DJ or DAW applications.

Updated: 18 Apr 2012| Type: Binary| Size: 4.18 MB| File: VAI-80 TANK (manual)

VAI-40 (manual)

Vestax VAI-40The USB sound card, which is easy to use due to its simplicity, enables multi-channel recording with high sound quality. 4 mono / 2 stereo inputs and outputs. It is compatible with professional DAW and DJ software. Compact metal chassis.

Updated: 18 Apr 2012| Type: Binary| Size: 2.55 MB| File: VAI-40 (manual)

TUB-1 (manual)

Vestax TUB-1Internal USB interface sound card (USB port type-B) to expand the possibilities of Vestax mixers by connecting to your computer. Designed for upgrade mixers PMC and VMC Series and for other specific Vestax devices. Easy installation and commissioning.

Updated: 18 Apr 2012| Type: Binary| Size: 319.75 kB| File: TUB-1 (manual)