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1 Feb 2024

Vestax: currently

Dear customers,

as a result of the great emergency (natural disaster) we reported on in the previous article the necessary measures were taken: orders for individual smaller Vestax spare parts fully restored!  We are already processing orders for Vestax spare parts on an ongoing basis. Applies to small spare parts (weight up to 1 kg btto). Service dpt. still closed: very long delivery period for selected Vestax products from refurbishing.

We are still struggling to restore the infrastructure of our service department which is important for completing some orders (products after refurbishing). 

We are recording huge damages to property and warehouse. Some material and original Vestax parts stocks are irretrievably destroyed. Among them were also unique documents and technical paper schemes which did not manage to be digitized. Total damage estimates are more than 900.000 HKD and this is almost an irreplaceable loss. Because we are currently looking for a new investor to participate in the restoration of service dpt.

We remind you of the most important facts: deadline to restore the work of the service department be moved up to 2024 February ~ 2024 March. Because we have to catch very much months behind schedule, we assume that the greater part of the orders with refurbishing will be gradually processed during end of 2024 March; due to the huge extent of the damage of service dpt. Our office should start operating again from the end of 2024 February.  Pending orders will be processed after this deadline.

We ask for your very utmost patience. We will be happy for anny support!

Reminder of known rules

If your parcel arrives in your home country, you will be automatically notified by email via your local delivery service. You will usually also receive information from your local transport company:

  • in United States of America via USPS, in Mexico - CORREOS DE MËXICO, in Canada - CANADA POST (for example)
  • in Europe via National Postal Authorities: France - La Poste, UK - Royal Mail,  Germany - DHL Packet,  Spain - COREOS, Italy - POSTE ITALIANE, Portugal - CTT (for example)
  • in Asia & Pacific via National Postal Authorities: China - CAINIAO or CHINA POST, Australia - AUSTRALIA POST (for example)

These National Postal Authorities will deliver the parcel to you. These rules apply to shipments of the type: Parcel Ultra Economy / Parcel Standard Economy / Postal Insured Parcel  (if you choose them when you order).

If you choose when you order delivery via international shipping company (e.g. FedEx, TNT, UPS), then the branch in your country will deliver the package to you.

Status your order

We highly recommend using Vestax  USER ACCOUNT. Here you will find out immediately online the current status of your order. You don't need to write an email with a question and then wait for a response. This service significantly saves your time.

Stay with US.