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Vestax TUB-1 BULK

Vestax TUB-1 BULK

Internal sound card with digital USB interface, USB port specific.type B, for extending the Vestax mixers or turntables to connect to your computer. With AISO drivers.

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For Vestax mixing consoles, VMC series and older models PMC-280, PMC-08Pro and PMC-05Pro Series, which are not factory-equipped with digital USB interface, there is a TUB-1, USB audio interface, which is actually an internal sound card for expanding mixing counters about the possibility of connecting to your computer. The PMC series mixers are equipped with a slot for installing this sound card. For example, installing a Vestax TUB-1 sound card is very easy on PMC-280 consoles. For older PMC-08Pro digital counters, it is necessary to entrust this operation to a professional service. However, the new versions of the mixing consoles are already equipped as standard with an internal sound card with a USB interface. 



  • internal sound card with USB interface for installation in designated Vestax mixing consoles 
  • expands the possibility of older mixing consoles in particular by connecting to your computer 
  • simple installation and easy commissioning, the device is a "Plug & Play" category 
  • AD / DA converters with standard sound quality for most applications 
  • indication of operation / presence of signal via LED diode 
  • list of mixers with the possibility of upgrade in the manual 
  • BULK version (for service using)



Input J2 (3pin connector) internal analog audio IN
J3 (3pin connector) internal analog audio OUT
Input parameters  J2: −10 dBV (0,3V), impedance 47 kΩ
J3: −10 dBV (0,3v), impedance 100 Ω
Outputs USB port (B type)
USB version 2.0
Power +5 V =
Operation indication via LED ø2 mm
Construction cuprexkart PCB, faceplate aluminium
Connectors 2x  MOLEX MF / JST 2.0 3pin 
Dimension 42 x 80 x 25 mm
Weight 72 g
Accessories  assembly instructions, screws M2.5



buy original manual Vestax TUB-1 - user manual (319 kB)






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