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Spare parts signal switches, channel switches, microswitches and network switches for Vestax mixers, controllers and other products.




For mixers PMC-07 Series, PMC-08Pro Series, PMC-05Pro4 Series designed original Japan crossfader reverse toogle switch, for service replacement on the PCB board module with mounting accessories.

from € 1,215.00 without VAT
from € 57.00

Vestax MST-2

Vestax MST-2

For all MIDI controllers VCI-100, VCI-300 / VCO-300 MkII Series, VCI-380 Series, VCI-400 Series, VMC-600, or TYPHOON and SPIN controllers designed original Japan transport HQ microswitch (HiD long life), designed for service replacement for buttons…

from € 611.00 without VAT
from € 29.00

Vestax PS-S power switch

Vestax PS-S power switch

Original Japan power switch high quality ALPS™ Japan factory assembled for service replacement on the PCB power supply board module. The PS-Sxx power switch is designed for the PMC-05, PMC-06, PMC-07, PMC-08Pro Series mixers; for PMC-280…

from € 1,149.00 without VAT
from € 37.00

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