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Up-to-date information for our customers and worldwide fans of the Japanese brand Vestax.

Vestax: what's going on now

Info about the delivery for selected Vestax refurb.products & about production new replacement parts.

14 Apr 2024 | Rubric: Latest Newsreel

Functionality of the controllers

Frequent question in recent years: how to keep the full functionality of the Vestax USB MIDI controller?

17 Mar 2024 | Rubric: Latest Newsreel

Vestax: currently

Currently status about the resumption of supply parts & adjustment of delivery times for selected products.

1 Feb 2024 | Rubric: Latest Newsreel

Vestax: delivery period

We inform you about the adjustment of delivery times for selected Vestax products & some Vestax spare parts.

11 Nov 2023 | Rubric: Latest Newsreel

Break of store

Service, expedition & warehouse dpt. will be completely down to October 15. This is only temporary measure.

30 Jul 2023 | Rubric: Latest Newsreel

Discover the history

Discover the amazing history of the legendary Japanese brand, which was established almost 50 years ago.

1 May 2023 | Rubric: Latest Newsreel

How can find the status of order ?

Now you can track the status of your current order online.  We will explain how to do it in detail in this article.

10 Mar 2023 | Rubric: Latest Newsreel

New Year Holiday 2023

Thanks to all of our loyal Vestax customers! We wish you a happy New Year 2023.

31 Dec 2022 | Rubric: Latest Newsreel

Service of PDX turntables - parts

We have launched a new service - repairs of PDX parts intended for all owners of Vestax turntables.

30 Oct 2022 | Rubric: Latest Newsreel

Rotary with Cox´s PMC-CX

In these days we expect stocking of the limited series accessories DF-CX Pro KIT for legendary PMC-CX mixer.

25 Jul 2022 | Rubric: Latest Newsreel

Component supply outages

Some Vestax original parts are no longer in stock and they are not always replaceable with quality OEM parts.

30 Apr 2022 | Rubric: Latest Newsreel

New Year Holiday

Notice for customers, who have an order from end of January to early February 2022.

24 Jan 2022 | Rubric: Latest Newsreel

Order processing at the end of 2021

Important notice for customers relating to Vestax Order processing at the end of the 2021/early 2022.

1 Dec 2021 | Rubric: Latest Newsreel

PCV crossfaders for mixers

If you needed to buy original Japanese crossfader Vestax CF-PCV with long-life for your mixer, check it this article.

1 Nov 2021 | Rubric: Latest Newsreel

Global logistics crisis?

Global logistic crisis. If you are planning to buy any Vestax spare parts, there is no reason to wait.

18 Oct 2021 | Rubric: Latest Newsreel