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Up-to-date information for our customers and worldwide fans of the Japanese brand Vestax.

Temporary break

Our Megastore will be completely down from June 20 to July 4. This is only temporary measure due to relocation.

15 Jun 2022 | Section: Newsreel

Component supply outages

Some Vestax original parts are no longer in stock and they are not always replaceable with quality OEM parts.

30 Apr 2022 | Section: Newsreel

New Year Holiday

Notice for customers, who have an order from end of January to early February 2022.

24 Jan 2022 | Section: Newsreel

Order processing at the end of 2021

Important notice for customers relating to Vestax Order processing at the end of the 2021/early 2022.

1 Dec 2021 | Section: Newsreel

PCV crossfaders for mixers

If you needed to buy original Japanese crossfader Vestax CF-PCV with long-life for your mixer, check it this article.

1 Nov 2021 | Section: Newsreel

Global logistics crisis?

Global logistic crisis. If you are planning to buy any Vestax spare parts, there is no reason to wait.

18 Oct 2021 | Section: Newsreel

Availability information

If you own a Vestax device, take advantage of the availability of key parts and buy them now. They may be sold out soon ...

21 Sep 2021 | Section: Newsreel

Summer discount

Summer discount  applies to all non-discounted products and spare parts. Valid until August 8, 2021

28 Jul 2021 | Section: Newsreel

Important message for customers

From June 1 to June 11, 2021 store & tech.support will be limited due to  servers exchanges.

31 May 2021 | Section: Newsreel

Spin your Vestax

Legendary club mixer, exclusively designed by DJ Carl Cox gets re-new accessories DF-CX Pro KIT v2.

10 May 2021 | Section: Newsreel

Delays in shipments

Important notice for customers, who have an order from December to early January 2021.

10 Jan 2021 | Section: Newsreel

Restriction of activities in autumn

In the context with the return of the second wave  worldwide pandemic Covid-19 we must adopt some restrictions.

30 Sep 2020 | Section: Newsreel

Turn your Vestax

Rotary fader KITs  for popular mixers Vestax PMC-25, PMC-27, 27Mk2, PMC-270 or PMC-17A / PMC-170A / PCV-275.

28 Aug 2020 | Section: Newsreel

Pimp your Vestax

We are still trying to keep it running - you have the original spare parts, that already can not buy elsewhere.

24 Jul 2020 | Section: Newsreel

Restart and STOP HOAX

Covid-19 is in retreat and we preparing to reopen services. We also warn against HOAX from some social networks.

21 Jun 2020 | Section: Newsreel